Relieving pain the topical way – just massage away the pain

Relieving pain the topical way – just massage away the pain

TPR works on pain quickly. The product has been gaining adherents across Canada as an effective and safe topical pain reliever for ailments ranging from arthritic pain to mosquito bites.

 Dorothy Dobbie

By Dorothy Dobbie
By Dorothy Dobbie

A local company, Humn Pharmaceuticals, headed by local entrepreneur Blair McInnes  introduced a remarkable topical pain reliever, TPR20, in2012.

It has a growing number of dedicated users simply because it works. It works so well, in fact, that a doctor in Ottawa took to the airwaves to rave about it. Steve Brown, president of the Family Physiotherapy Centre which runs a number of wellness centres in Ontario, and family doctor and physician, Dr. John Kindle, went on Ontario’s CTV Morning Live a few years a go to talk about their extraordinary experience with this cream, which Steve Brown had been carrying in his clinic.

Apparently, Dr. Kindle ran into some calf muscle pain on the day before he wanted to play squash. Wanting to avoid the usual and inflammatory pain killers which can have serious side effects, he thought he’d try a sample ofTPR20 he had in his medical kit.

“I started working on my calf muscle and, lo and behold, my pain was gone. I played squash the next day,” he said. “I started using it for my patients. Seeing results, I became a complete believer.

”Steve Brown agreed, saying he wouldn’t recommend anything that he couldn’t rely on. “It’s all about our reputation here in the community and you want something that works. This works and it’s good stuff.”

“You give what works with the least possible harm,” added Dr. Kindle. “This works through the skin and there are actually anti-oxidant properties here that help to heal the body.”

This all sounds like an advertorial, doesn’t it? It was anything but. This CTV interview was completely spontaneous and a surprise to Blair McInnes and his team at Trans Research Labs, now renamed Humn Pharmaceuticals, who heard about it after the fact. Dr. Kindle’s comments are an amazing endorsement that show how effective the product is.

Currently, I am using it to relieve pain inflammation in my knees. It was keeping me awake at night, but after two or three minutes of application the pain is gone and I can sleep.

TPR20 works on a wide range of pain, from muscle pain to sore mouth to arthritis. It relieves fibre my algia, gout, sunburn, insect stings and bites and, for some people, even the killing pain of shingles. It appears to be effective wherever inflammation is part of the pain profile.

And the best part is that the cream has no side effects. That’s exactly what Blair McInnes was going for when he first began to dream about finding a pain reliever that didn’t leave the user with nasty residuals.

“I was recovering from a heart attack,” said Blair, “not wanting to take morphine or any of the drugs that are commonly used and that can impact on other parts of my body because they are taken internally.”

As often happens when one has a major health issue, the event can have a profound impact on our thinking. Suddenly it was important to leave a legacy for other people and his children. Blair realized that, as an entrepreneur and business investor and having “dabbled” in the health industry for 20 years, he had made a lot of friends and contacts who had the knowledge to create products that would be easier on people and make their lives better. He set the wheels in motion.

“Originally, we developed TPR20 to help with arthritis pain,” he said. “Later we learned that it was really useful in the immediate relief of burns and bites and stings, and for incidental pain such as when your kid falls down and hurts his knees. It takes the pain away almost immediately.”

The key active ingredient in TPR20 is lidocaine, the pain killing stuff your dentist uses. Lidocaine is used by dentists both as a topical get and an injectable anesthetic with very few side effects. Originally produced under the name Xylocaine by Swedish chemist Nils Lofgren, the substance has been on the market since 1949 and is safely used as a local anesthetic for a broad range of pain.

The second key ingredient is menthol, obtained from mint, which itself has local anesthetic properties. “It has the ability to chemically trigger the cold- sensitiveTRPM8 receptors in the skin responsible for the well known cooling effect,” says Wikipedia. It is similar to the capsaicin found in hot peppers, but has the opposite effect, to produce a cooling sensation.

Menthol encourages blood flow to the skin and promotes absorption of other ingredients in topical formulations, in this case helping to carry lidocaine to the source of the pain.

TPR20 has been approved by Health Canada. It was first introduced at Boots Drugs in Europe. It is now available at London Drugs in Canada and at selected Shoppers Drug Marts and independents.

Currently, Blair McInnes is working to take his company public so that he can expand distribution. He’s a man with a mission to relieve pain without damaging our bodies, and that can only be good for all of us.

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