Be active, get involved: stay healthy – join an older adults centre in your area.

Be active, get involved: stay healthy – join an older adults centre in your area.

Research shows that social activity can make a big difference in your life

cjnu-cometBeing active and staying involved keeps us healthy longer. The Centre on Aging at the University of Manitoba reviewed existing research in 2013 and found that for every seven older adults who increase their social activity, one person would remain disability-free over a five-year time frame. The proportion of older adults who develop a disability associated with mobility would decline from62 per cent. Research has also shown that for participants who increased their daily social activity, the risk of developing a disability from an activity associated with daily living decreased by 43per cent and the risk of developing a mobility disability decreased by 31 percent. As we age we must stay active.

Did you realize … social participation, meeting others for lunch, playing cards, are all great for your health?

Why we should be concerned?

  • 60 per cent of older adults are inactive.
  • Sitting or lying for long periods is a serious health risk, as the World Health

Organization warns.

  • Inactivity leads to declines in bone strength, muscle strength, heart and lung fitness and flexibility.
  • Inactivity is as harmful to your health as smoking.

Our population of older adults is growing and we need to find solutions now to ensure that seniors are healthy, active and able to fully participate and contribute to their communities.

Get involved: join a centre near you. Opportunities abound for older adults throughout Manitoba. Centres exist in many forms; they may be senior centres, active living centres, creative living centres, 55+ centres or community centres. Centres may be very close to home, in your own neighbourhood. Learn what the nearest centre has to offer you and while you are checking this out, let them know about any skills, experiences and talents you could share with others.

Centres are community focal points. Older adults come together there for services and programs that maintain and improve health and quality of life, support independence and encourage involvement in community life. Centres offer a variety of accessible and affordable programs and services. They are usually governed by an elected, community-based board of directors. They respond to the diverse needs of older persons, provide education, develop innovative programs, and may hire staff.

Centres also serve as an information resource for the entire community with respect to aging and support for family caregivers, to training professionals, peer leaders and students, and for the development of innovative approaches to addressing aging issues.

The Manitoba Association of Senior Centres is a provincial focal point for facilitating communication, networking and planning among senior centres and for raising their profiles. The association also assists in the development of senior centres and collaborates with other seniors- serving organizations.

The Active Living Coalition of Older Adults – Manitoba is a partnership of 40 partner organizations and 13 supporting partners that are committed to encouraging and promoting active aging in Manitoba.

For information on these centres contact:

Connie Newman, executive director.
Phone: 204-792-5838;
email:; website:
For information on Active Living contact:

Jim Evanchuk, executive director.
Phone: 204-632-3947 or toll-free1-866-202-6663;
email:; website: http://www.alcoamb.


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