Hempurity lotion works like magic

Dear readers:

I have to tell you that I am in love again – no, not with a person, with another product. Remember my romance with TPR 20? Well this has grown and matured and I still adore this product for my aching knees and other muscle sore spots, but a few weeks ago, Kevin Twomey of T & T Seeds introduced me to another lifesaver: HemPurity Lotion.

I took the slender green bottle home where it sat on my dressing table for several weeks, then – it was mid-winter – I lathered some on my bone-dry, flaking skin – anything in a moisture drought, I thought.

It was like magic. The first thing I noticed is that it absorbed completely, leaving no greasy residue – and even my favourite and most expensive creams leave a sticky feeling. HemPurity Lotion did not.

The second and completely unexpected boon was relief from a troubling outbreak of eczema. The HemPurity stung a little bit when I put it on, but the itching stopped almost immediately. What’s more, within a couple of days the rash was gone.

Today I went to T & T and bought two more bottles. I don’t want to run out again.

If you decide to try HemPurity out, let them know we recommended their product and that it would be helpful for others to be able to hear about it in the future. I can only write the story once, so they should advertise with us.

Meanwhile, I urge you to try it whether they advertise or not. It really is like magic on dry, itchy skin.

And I also urge you to take a drive out Roblin Blvd. to visit T & T Seeds. Kevin has the most fantastic array of unusual natural products in addition to his seeds, trees and bedding plants. His is one of the last authentic garden centres – no pretensions, just a warm family operation that loves its products and is endlessly fascinated with what’s new and good out there in the market place.

– Dorothy Dobbie

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