Steeped in a lifetime of beloved pop music, the Twilights are standouts on the city’s song scene

The Twilights started in Winnipeg in 2012 but its history and roots goes back to the fifties.

John (bass), Warren (sax) and Eddy (drums) all played in the teen canteen days. The money was sparse. Ed’s first gig was at the Orioles Community Club and the band was paid a Sweet Marie bar and a Pepsi. At least they didn’t starve. The guys played together and apart in numerous bands, Georgie Porgie and the Cry Babies, The Shondells, Roy Miki and The Downbeats to name a few.

Frank (guitar) has been playing in Winnipeg rock bands since he was 16. His appreciation for the American standards started early in life as he listened to his father’s jazz records. His mastery and musical knowledge have truly enhanced The Twilights sound. Frank fills the dance floor when he sings his rockers.

Doug (keyboards), the junior of the band, took notice of his musical talents around the British era. Doug has a fine ear and detail for music. Doug has written songs for many musical projects that he has led in the past. Doug’s magic fingers add unique sounds to the band.

Bonnie (Bubbles) has been privileged to sing in many of the top bands in Winnipeg. In her earlier years she performed with John and Warren. Bonnie is now the songbird of The Twilights. Her audiences love her.

Rick (the band’s crooner) has been a DJ and hosted karaoke for over 12 years. He’s been on the independent music scene as a project manager, singer and songwriter. A while back, Rick gave me a CD of his songs, and one hot summer night on the deck I played it for Ed. He said, “He sounds pretty good,” and now it’s Rick Roschuk of The Twilights.

Nick (sound) is a talented drummer is his own right. His ear for music production and attention to detail keep the band’s live performances sounding great.

The band is always expanding its repertoire of new songs for their vast audiences, bringing back the memories of hot cars, root beer floats and puppy love.

Wander through the band’s web site for information and where their next gig is happening.

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