Nostalgia Radio takes Winnipeg out to the Goldeyes ballgame

Nostalgia Radio takes Winnipeg out to the Goldeyes ballgame

CJNU: The little station that could… and DID!

By Tom Dercola

Winnipeg’s only co-operative radio station, CJNU Nostalgia Radio broadcasting at 93.7 FM, announced on Jan. 18, the signing of an agreement with the Winnipeg Goldeyes to broadcast their games this summer and over the next three years. The addition of the baseball games broadens the reach of CJNU to a whole new group of listeners. The Goldeyes have an audience of 37,000, according to its management.

This is the latest triumph for the little volunteer radio station that has existed and grown over the past 10 years thanks to the efforts of a dedicated group of volunteers.

In December 2006, CJNU hit the Winnipeg airwaves with 40 watts of power and a small group of hopeful and passionate devotees of the nostalgic sound, largely due to the efforts of Garry Robertson. We broadcast on a month to month basis at the pleasure of Industry Canada.

In 2012, fearful that we would lose our place on Winnipeg’s FM dial, we boldly applied for and successfully earned a permanent license to broadcast at 93.7 FM. Supported by our listening audience, we successfully fundraised for a new transmitter capable of broadcasting to the capital region at 450 watts of effective power.

In 2014, through the incredible support of Rick Frost and the Winnipeg Foundation we moved our offices and headquarters to the 13th floor of the Richardson Building.

In 2015, we entered into a media alliance with Lifestyles 55. Dorothy Dobbie’s publication reaches 40, 000 Winnipeggers each month and CJNU is pleased to be able to provide two pages of news and commentary about our work in the community as well as interesting tidbits about days gone by.

As our station has grown and matured, we have seen the need, not only to grow our footprint in the community, but also to sustain our long term future as Winnipeg’s only non-profit community owned radio station.

We have grown each year in so many ways. As some of the inspirational figures of our 2006 launch have passed away or moved, we have recruited new volunteers. And, interestingly, we have almost a dozen people in our ranks under the age of 40. Our music library has over 15, 000 songs, allowing us to provide an incredible range of music across the years and genres. Our host sponsorship programs have evolved to the point where we are accessible to our listeners, from our first such location in February 2015 at Deer Lodge Hospital to a storefront at Grant Park Shopping Centre during the past summer.

Now, in 2016, as CJNU embarks on its latest expansion as the official radio station of the Winnipeg Goldeyes, we are proud to join forces with this iconic organization in the Winnipeg sports and entertainment scene. Throughout the late spring and late summer, CJNU will bring our listeners and the many listeners of the Winnipeg Goldeyes together with a combination of nostalgic sounds, baseball action, on-site promotions and many, many contests and giveaways with special emphasis on the members of CJNU.

So, “Let’s Play”!

Tom Dercola has been an announcer with CJNU since 2009 and was elected president of the board at the AGM in May 2015.

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