Great food and historic charm at Stonewall’s McLeod House Tea Room

If you take the drive up to Stonewall, on Highway 7 just north of Winnipeg, you’ll find it really is worth a visit. For those of you who enjoy a quaint afternoon tea and great home-cooked food, McLeod House Tea Room & Gift Shop not only offers great food but it is filled with history.

Originally built in 1898 by the local doctor, Alexander McLeod, the house served several generations of the McLeod clan. In 2010 McLeod House was dedicated with a new honor, “Home of Memorable Manitobans”. This was bestowed upon the home by The Manitoba Historical Society to recognize the legacy left by Dr. McLeod and his family. And what a family! His wife, Margaret Arnett McLeod was famous in her own right as a collector and editor of songs, stories and the history of Red River settlers. Dr. McLeod’s son, Alan, was also a war hero, the youngest Canadian to receive the Victoria Cross for his bravery during the First World War. There is a commemorative plaque in front of the house honouring him.

A day trip to local towns such as Stonewall is a wonderful way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and find a little dose of tranquility. Throughout these rural areas in the smaller villages you can often find very good tea-houses. It’s a way back to the lazy days and a respite from the frantic world of apps and 4G.

McLeod House has a lovely menu of sandwiches and salads to complement its wonderful desserts. Rhubarb and Saskatoon crumble-top pie is in high demand and a delicious strawberry rhubarb cheese cake with a pecan crust is another of the favourites.

Traditional high tea is scheduled twice a month. Check the website for details.

“I hope you will come experience the warmth and charm of our wonderful 100-year-old home,” says owner Leanne Stewart. She adds that they will soon be able to serve beer and wine to satisfy numerous requests from guests.

Should you make the decision to visit this beautiful oasis, reservations are highly recommended.

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