Thanks, Stuart Murray And every good wish

Stuart Murray has left Winnipeg and the world a lasting legacy as part, a very key part, of the team that has brought to completion the wondrous building of glass and steel that stands at the edge of The Forks – with the purpose of embodying humanity’s quest for a more decent and just world.

His very challenging task, as the first president and CEO of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, was to guide the Museum’s transition from a construction site to an operational museum, and oversee its growth from a skeleton staff to a full complement of workers – as described by CNHC board chair Eric Hughes.

In doing so, Hughes acknowledges, Murray has “contributed an enormous amount” to that institution, to Winnipeg and this province, and – importantly – “given life to Winnipeg’s evolution as a city for human rights education.”

Dorothy Dobbie, president of Pegasus Publications, sums up the departing CEO’s contribution over these five years in this way:

“Stu Murray gave his heart and soul to the Museum, not just as a building, but because he truly believes in what it stands for. I doubt that many other people could have stickhandled all the opposing interests the way he has done.

“They will have to think hard and dig deep before finding another individual who will have his ability to calm troubled waters while making everyone feel appreciated.”

We thank you, Stuart Murray. You take with you all our very best wishes.

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