Invest in good health and stupendous scenery with a walk along prairie trails

Check the Manitoba Trails website and soak up our province’s great outdoors.

A bucolic scene beside the lake at Fort Whyte.
A bucolic scene beside the lake at Fort Whyte.
Hon. Sharon Blady Minister’s Message
Hon. Sharon Blady
Minister’s Message

A couple of months ago, I saw an advertisement for a Boomers and Zoomers guided walk in Bird’s Hill Park. I thought this sounded like a great opportunity for older adults to get some outdoor exercise, enjoy nature and meet new people.

We all know of the benefits of staying active. We are often reminded about this through the media, the academic community and by government. As Minister of Healthy Living and Seniors, I am passionate about the health and social benefits of being active and promoting different ways to achieve this.

Lakes, hills and prairies
Walking outdoors is an excellent way to explore prairie landscapes, lake views, urban trails and the rolling hills in our beautiful province. It also has the added benefit of connecting you with nature and with others. That is why I would like to share some information about Manitoba’s walking trails.

The Manitoba Trails Association, which recently adopted the name Trails Manitoba, co-ordinates the building of the Trans Canada Trail in our province. On their website, you will find an interactive map with search features detailing information about the trail, updates on progress made and trail conditions.

Trails Manitoba also has information about many local trail associations in the province. Some associations are developing trails with accessibility features, resting areas and points of interest. This may be a good place to find a local trail association that suits your interests. To contact Trails Manitoba, please call 204-786-2688 or visit their website at

Manitoba conservation and water stewardship, through the parks and natural areas branch, provides many resources for connecting with the outdoors, including hiking, wildlife and wildflower viewing, park information and more. Many provincial parks offer short, self-guiding trails for day hikes. Check with park offices for specific information about access to trails, special programs and multi-use trails in provincial parks, or visit

By the way, the Boomers and Zoomers guided walks program offered in Bird’s Hill Park, will reconvene monthly again in the fall. Those looking for more information can contact the park interpreter’s office by emailing or calling 204-654-6739.

Trails get more inviting
I wanted to let you know that through the Age-Friendly Manitoba initiative, there are many communities working on improving their local walking trails and sidewalks. This will make it easier for people of all ages to walk outdoors. I am proud that we now have 100 Age-Friendly communities in Manitoba working on local, community-based projects to become more age-friendly.

For information visit or call the seniors and healthy aging secretariat at 204-945-2127; toll free 1-800-665-6565. You may also visit my department’s website for more information and resources about healthy living, recreational trails and the seniors and health aging secretariat.

As always, I invite you to call the seniors information line at 204-945-6565 in Winnipeg; toll free 1-800-665-6565 for more information.

Hon.Sharon Blady is Minister of Healthy Living and Seniors

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