Health services integration gets first testing here

Victoria General Hospital is linking its acute patient care sector with local community services.

As part of significant and ongoing integration of health services in Winnipeg, Victoria General Hospital has been chosen by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority to formally work in partnership with other community-based health and social service agencies, one of the first two hospitals in the city to implement the work arrangement.

The Vic will unite with community services in River Heights and Fort Garry to form South Winnipeg Integrated Health & Social Services, with the goal of providing better patient care. The future-oriented model of care is also being introduced in west Winnipeg with the Grace as the partnering hospital. If effective, this could lead to similar initiatives across Winnipeg.

The WRHA and Manitoba Family Services and Housing have been formally coordinating programs and services through the Winnipeg Integrated Services project to improve access to services, quality and safety, and transitions in the healthcare system. This new partnership model will extend this linkage and bring on new co-operation between the acute care sector and the community’s health and social service sectors.

A model for the future
“By integrating health service delivery, we are working to provide more seamless, patient-focused care,” said South Winnipeg Integrated Health & Social Services chief operating officer Francis LaBossière. “It is about ensuring patients receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time, which in turn will create a stronger and more efficient system.”

There are numerous advantages in having healthcare providers working collaboratively to provide care. These benefits include better continuity of care, improved allocation of funding, better access to services and elimination of duplicated services. Victoria General Hospital has been moving toward this innovative approach to care for the past few years by working in close collaboration with other South Winnipeg health and social services.

A town hall with more information will be held in South Winnipeg later this year.

Erin Girouard is communications & public relations officer at Victoria General Hospital.

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