Travelling lightly

Jersey separates in great colours or in splashy, reversible prints; cool, wrinkle-resistant linen; jewellery that’s rhodium-plated or features Swarovski crystal: a few carefully chosen garments and accessories will fit you out in great style for your next trip.

Dianne Szelag Fashion
Dianne Szelag

Those of you who are frequent travellers will know how much airlines keep squeezing weight allowances for luggage. Well happily, clothing manufacturers are keeping pace with the times. There are many lightweight, flexible clothing options available. There are even reversible pieces. Layering tops or dresses with over-sheers or under-sheers also adds sophistication to everyday pieces.

Casual in the tropics
Your basics depend on your destination. Aiming for a tropical locale? Usually this means rather casual attire, but you may need to add a bit of glamour for a night out or a destination wedding – or if you are attending a dressier event at a conference. Some layering should also be added for cooler evenings.

Jersey for travel: a tunic over the black pants
Jersey for travel: a tunic over the black pants

Going to Europe? Europe is all about history and culture so there is usually a great deal of walking. Of course, the key item here is comfortable walking shoes. Add some easy wear shorts and/or slacks, a few good tops with pockets and maybe two jackets, one waterproof. Dresses are usually not a big item unless you could be river cruising.

One popular line, Sympli, which is designed and manufactured in Vancouver, is highly recommended for travel. The Sympli collection offers solid jersey separates from basics to whimsy. The colour palette covers over a dozen shades. You can start with a basic boot-cut pant in black and add a great top and/or tunic and a pair of leggings.

A great dress to pack is the Sympli short, sleeveless tank dress. You can layer with a floral black fingertip over-sheer for a very feminine look or use an under-sheer to add sheer sleeves and sophistication.

You can opt for one of Sympli’s long-sleeved under-sheers, or find one in the great Sleevey Wonders line. Sleevey Wonders come in several shades of mesh and also lace and animal print.

Finally, a romance cardigan from Sympli can provide some layering for cool nights.

A great companion piece to a Sympli outfit can be found in the Eva Varro line from Los Angeles. Hungary-born Eva Varro also has jersey pieces, somewhat heavier but done in fabulous prints. Several styles of pants, skirts, tunics and dresses are reversible, providing a solid black piece on one side and a splashy print on the other. Her line is sold across Canada, the United States, Europe and Central America.

For hot tropical destinations, linen has been a favourite in the past but fell out of favour because of its high maintenance. Well, a new wrinkle-resistant linen collection called Fridaze is on the market. All the pieces are hand-tailored and all seams are French-finished. These pieces can bring you back to the coolness and comfort of linen in hot climates.

What about a few accessories to change an outfit from day to evening? Myka jewellery is manufactured and designed in Vancouver by Myka Bremer. The pieces are rhodium plated in silver, gold and rose gold. The glitz and glamour in the collection is added by Swarovski crystal. A chain can be fitted with interchangeable charms for different outfits. There are a few great multi-function pieces, providing a long necklace, a bracelet and a shorter necklace in one piece. Some can even double as a beautiful chain belt.

Belt can be featured
One great belt might be a good choice for an excursion abroad if it works with several pants, tunics or a dress. Sandy Duftler belts designed and manufactured in New York are so distinctive they can be considered jewellery. Definitely will make heads turn.

As a final touch, why not pack a great scarf for colour and maybe warmth on a cooler evening? It might also double as a shawl at night if it is large enough.

With a few garments and pieces such as these, you need no longer fear the weight scale at the airport. You will look great and travel light.

Dianne Szelag is known for the quality designer clothing and jewellery she offers her Winnipeg customers. Her store, Investment Items, is at 749 St Mary’s Road or 204-594-0400.

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