Quick action, please, to wipe out the risks exposed in Quebec’s disasters

Firefighters at the L'Isle-Verte, Quebec senior's home fire (Photo credit: montreal.ctvnews.ca)
Firefighters at the L’Isle-Verte, Quebec seniors’ home fire
(Photo credit: montreal.ctvnews.ca)

The hearts of this nation, and of many beyond its borders, go out to the people of L’Isle-Verte, another small Quebec community today suffering an anguished loss,  in this case as a result of a horrific fire to a seniors’ home. The horror of this incident and the realization of its avoidability will be etched on our minds for a long time.

We all have to fervently wish that the authorities will rapidly move now to ensure that these two amazingly parallel incidents never again occur on the Canadian landscape, and wipe out the menace that has already been pinpointed in each of these disasters. Needed above all is a strict legal requirement that sprinkler systems be installed throughout every home care facility for the elderly, and as brought to the world’s attention in the Lac-Megantic disaster, the urgent replacement of all decrepit and otherwise inadequate rail tank cars used to carry potentially explosive oil and every kind of dangerous chemical.

We would hope readers of this publication will lend their voices to the call being heard across the country for the fastest possible action on both fronts. Write or email your prime minister, your premier, your reeve or mayor, and your MPs, MLAs and local councillors. The menace in both cases has existed and been hidden from public view for too long.

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