TPR 20 for arthritis pain hits Canada’s stores

By Joan Cohen

TPR20Blair McInnes and  Adam Topp.   Two men with a vision and a not impossible dream of producing pharmaceutical products that will deliver relief without injury to people in pain. These days their effort has taken a big step forward, with the appearance on pharmacy shelves across the country of their first product, a topical drug which brings instant pain relief to arthritis sufferers.

The two men are president and CEO respectively of a young, specialty pharmaceutical manufacturing company. They are creating a suite of products that are formulated using top components from the pharmaceutical industry blended with natural products that have been painstakingly selected to produce safe and effective pain relief.

Their first offering, TPR20, has lidocaine  – a pharmaceutical – as the active pain reliever, and menthol, as its main natural ingredient.

TPR20 is applied on the skin, at the point where pain is felt, and that pain vanishes at once. It doesn’t go through the stomach, or the liver or the kidneys, or into the bloodstream, where it can leave a trail of damage. None of these body parts are hurt or even touched when TPFR20 is applied. It goes straight to work.

Lidocaine is a nerve block. The drug is used by the dentist to freeze teeth, and also as an anaesthetic by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. It has been in use since the early 1940s and is known to be extremely safe. The menthol, an anti-inflamatory, assists the lidocain, to get through the skin right to the painful spot. The patient does not face the damage that can result from asparin use or the commonly used, but trouble-causing anti-inflamatory known as NSAID.

“We don’t believe you have to take a pill to go through your whole system to get to that one area,” says McInnes, president of  Trans Research Labs Inc., the specialty drug company.

As pain retreats, the two health entrepreneurs say, something else that’s very important occurs. The patient’s immune system is set free from treating the pain to start curing the patient, a great step forward. The immune system is the best cure for the human body that exists.

TPR20 has been circulating in Canada and the United States for many months via word-of-mouth and the Internet, receiving strong praise from patients and medical professionals. It is currently going through clinical tests that will enable government regulators to vouch for its performance, and permit advertising.

Then, in the time ahead, Trans Research Labs will roll out close to a dozen companion products commited to safe delivery from many other types of pain.

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    1. No it isn’t. Lidocaine was actually synthesized as an alternative local analgesic mid century because dentists that were using the naturally available local analgesic, cocaine, were developing a dependence.

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