To India in the Beatles footsteps

King George Island sub-Antarctic wildlife photo by jens bludau
Although not on everyone’s bucket list, the austere beauty of King George Island offers the chance to experience unique sub-Antarctic wildlife. Photo by Jens Bludau.
Linda L. Loewen is leisure travel manager with Uniglobe Geo Travel in Winnipeg.
Linda Loewen

A couple of upcoming tours, both unique holiday options, has recently come to my attention, suited in particular for the “Bucket List” traveler or for those wanting to add to the number of countries they have visited. I hope you find them as intriguing as I did.

You may recall that the Beatles traveled to India in 1968. Paul Saltzman was invited to join the group during their time in Rishikesh. A photographer, he captured intimate images of John, Paul, George and Ringo. Now, making a return visit, Saltzman

Beatles in India as photographed by Paul Saltzman
Beatles in India as photographed by Paul Saltzman

will be escorting a small group tour to India this coming March. The 17-day itinerary begins in the southern city of Trivandrum where he will host a slide show and talk about why the Beatles came to India.

Along inland waters
The “Magical Mystery Tour” will continue aboard a houseboat through the inland waterways of Kerela where tour-goers will experience local Indian living. Throughout the trip there will as well be visits to the architectural, historical and cultural highlights of Mumbai, Udaipur, Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. For anyone who loves music and photography , and has hoped one day to visit India, this could be the tour you’ve been waiting for.

An exciting expedition cruise is also on the charts starting in March. The Bouvet Expedition is a 28-day journey beginning at the southern tip of South America. Passengers will travel aboard the M/V Ortelius expedition vessel from Ushuaia to Antarctica and then on to various islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

King George Island is closest to Antarctica, off its northern tip, and offers an opportunity to see varieties of penguins, seals and possibly Orca whales. A stop at Southern Thule Island provides another glimpse of Antarctica’s wealth of flora and fauna. Then it’s on to Bouvet. A territory of Norway, Bouvet is known as the “loneliest island on earth”, though I have to say, the other islands are not exactly on a busy shipping lane either. Bouvet is the breeding ground for many seabirds, and in 1971 the island and surrounding waters were designated as a nature reserve. This expedition will be one of few opportunities to visit this remote island territory.

From Bouvet, the expedition continues to more temperate waters where different varieties of birds and other wildlife will be seen. Weather permitting, a landing will allow time to explore the islands of the Tristan De Cunha archipelago. Continuing north, the vessel enters subtropical waters. A stop at St Helena offers a glimpse of the local culture and a visit to the place where Napoleon lived in exile. One more day at sea and the final destination of Ascension Island is reached.

These holiday options each offer a unique experience! For your next holiday, let your imagination soar. Your inspiration can come from a passion, a hobby, an activity, or a location. Whatever you can imagine, there is a destination or holiday that can provide the experience you dream of!

Linda L. Loewen is leisure travel manager with Uniglobe Geo Travel in Winnipeg.

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