Worth the visit

Some big surprises and warm memories await Winnipeggers joining a summer tour of our city’s downtown core, with its architectural gems and stirring vistas, historic meeting points and inviting places to dine.

Stefano Grande Downtown
Stefano Grande

We all have a personal and most favourite moment downtown, whether it’s a night out on a patio during the hot summer, or a visit to one of downtown’s many architectural hidden gems. Our intimate city experiences are often what we share, celebrate, and boast about with our friends, colleagues and family.

Rather than placing an ad in the paper or paying for a billboard spot, the Downtown BIZ this summer is endeavouring to take people by the hand and show them what’s new and exciting in the heart of our city. From cycling to wine tastings to an adventure atop rooftop gardens and a trek along the river trail leading to the historic site of The Forks, Winnipeggers have a special opportunity to discover firsthand with a raft of special tours what makes downtown Winnipeg a unique place to visit.

Some fresh ideas

Esplanade Riel: river dining in style
Esplanade Riel: river dining in style

Designed to market the urban landscape with its abundance of restaurants, retail, parks and rich history, these tours invite hundreds of participating Winnipeggers to delve deeper into what downtown Winnipeg has to offer. We hope the tours will provide participants with fresh ideas for things to do and see all year-round.

To kick-start our initiative, we brought together over 63 cyclists to tour the downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods with our inaugural cycling and restaurant tour, A Moveable Feast. The cyclists took in the stunning view of some of downtown’s most iconic buildings, architecture and places on their bikes, while enjoying great eats from downtown restaurants like The Old Spaghetti Factory, East India Company Pub & Eatery, and Rudy’s Eat and Drink. For the most part, the cyclists live outside the downtown area, and their ride into the heart of the city and exploration of its downtown places were “firsts”. The response has been incredibly positive, with many asking when the next tour is planned.

Taking a closer look

Focused and highly personal and intimate tours in my opinion are what’s needed in our downtown, and will help expose more and more people to all that’s great about our city’s core. Sometimes it just takes a simple nudge for people’s perceptions to change for the better, so the Downtown BIZ with these tours is asking people to give their downtown a chance. If you think you already know what downtown has to offer, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the robust and diverse venues and establishments to be found there. I guarantee you’ll be coming back for more.

Ranging from a tour of downtown’s history of crime to sips and samples of your favourite libations on downtown patios, these new and inventive tours are diverse and offer something for everyone. For a complete listing of downtown tours this summer, visit www.downtownwinnipegbiz.com.

Stefano Grande is executive director of Downtown Winnipeg BIZ.

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