Wrapping the body when gravity starts taking over

The youth-oriented world of fashion has us looking for flaws in our body. Fortunately, the world of fashion has found ways to keep them hidden.

Dianne Szelag Fashion
Dianne Szelag

I remember a series of funny TV commercials produced by Special K cereal. It shows groups of men in different settings asking their friends if their outfit makes them look fat. Men don’t put the same pressure on themselves that women do to look perfect.

As we age, gravity and mother nature do take over. I cannot tell you how many times a day I hear someone in my store complaining about a personal body flaw. Often no one really notices this flaw except when the individual draws attention to it. Unfortunately the youth-oriented world of fashion has made us vulnerable to this way of thinking: we find flaws in our body because we’re looking for them. Fortunately, the world of fashion has devised several clever ways to cheat mother nature.

Let’s take the flabby underarm scenario. Exposing the upper arm for many mature women drives them to avoid wearing sleeveless dresses. Yet, they want to still have a bit of sex appeal. Over the last few years, several manufacturers have devised sheer under garments with long sleeves.

Our favourite line, Sympli, out of Vancouver, was one of the first Canadian firms to provide these basic under sheers. Called the Barely T, it comes in black, white, and tie dye merlot. These lightweight pieces can be worn under any top, tunic or dress to provide a sheer sexy look while covering any upper arm sins.

sleevey-wonders-before-and-after-(1)The latest entrant to this style craze is “Sleevey Wonders”. These pieces go one step further, providing a bit more of a fashion statement with lace fabrication and shirring or peeka-boo shoulders. They can also be worn back- to-front for a less revealing look.

For those dresses that reveal a bit too much cleavage for day wear, another bit of camouflage is available with Ally Rose Toppers. These lacy bandeaus provide a pretty way to cover excessive cleavage, permitting cocktail dresses to masquerade as business wear during the day. These are inexpensive, and come in a riot of colours.


For those body lumps and bumps, you don’t have to squeeze yourself into uncomfortable under clothes any more. There are new and lighter undergarments available to provide a smoother silhouette. A very good product is called “Shapeez”. These body garments are made of a lightweight breathable fabrics which actually moulds to your body in 30 minutes. (Helps your posture too!) Because the garment is so comfortable, many women throw away their old bras.

A new entrant to this area is a Canadian brand called Body Hush. One item in particular looks appealing. It is a smoothing slip which has the front scooped out, so you can wear your own bra.

Finally, what about that crazy wrap thing? In 45 minutes this organic wrap promises to take inches off worrisome spots. I personally have not been witness to this, but, if you have a special event and need to squeeze out a few inches, it might be worth a try.

Dianne Szelag is owner of Investment Pieces, at 749 St. Mary’s Road.

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