A classy twist in city living

Ernie Walter, of Walter International, a Winnipeg architect and developer, has 13 gracious infill condos at various stages of  development in the Corydon Village area, and a multitude of demographic and economic trends suggest these homes will be, as much as any living arrangement, the wave of the future. Ernie is building multi-family, bright, spacious, often three- or four-family homes, where one home existed before, where assorted generations and their varying living styles will share space in a single building.

Picture how the home-owners might arrange themselves: a 1,400-square-foot, ground-floor home, which could house a retired couple or maybe a young family of four; a two-storey home on the eastern half of the structure above, housing perhaps a busy lawyer or physical trainer; and a western unit, also two storeys, for a web designer and her flight attendant girlfriend, or maybe two college students.

It’s a living arrangement that appears well-suited to an era when social and economic changes are rapidly changing lifestyles and bringing a growing appreciation of urban life where a busy neighbourhood and its assorted cultural and social amenities and well-stocked shops are within easy reach. For people  already enjoying busy and engaged lives – in their 50s, 60sd and well beyond –that life should be tailor made.

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