Investing in our kids

From healthy food, to scholarships, to cultural activities and summer camps, Winnipeg Foundation funding supports kids in a rich array of programs, helping equalize their chance of reaching their potential in life. 

Childhood and youth are a time of growth, inspiration and endless possibilities. The experiences we have early on stay with us for life and become the building blocks for the adults we will become. So, it’s important that all children are given every chance to learn, explore, lead healthy lives and succeed.

That’s why many of the Winnipeg Foundation’s programs focus on providing opportunities for young people. For us, it’s the perfect fit. Our Foundation is all about planning for the future, providing long-term support to our community and working proactively to address issues.

For a stronger community

Thanks to gifts from donors of all walks of life, we’re able to support programs that benefit kids, making a strategic investment in our community’s future. After all, the healthier, more engaged and capable young people are today, the better off our community will be in the long run.

These initiatives provide for basic needs, improve access to higher education and help ensure all Winnipeg kids have the same opportunity to play, participate and discover the world around them.

Today, thousands of children and youth in Winnipeg depend on local charities for the healthy food they need to thrive. The Nourishing Potential Fund helps local after-school, drop-in and summer programs provide nutritious food and hands-on learning experiences in healthy eating.

For most inner-city kids, post-secondary education is out of reach due to financial barriers. The You Can Do It Awards provide both monetary assistance and a vote of confidence to hundreds of promising young students, encouraging them to stay in school and pursue their dreams. Thanks to matching support from both the province and the Foundation, a donor’s gift of $295 is transformed into a $1,000 scholarship for an inner-city student. The You Can Do It awards fund is just one of more than 300 scholarship funds held at the Winnipeg Foundation, which together provide more than $1 million a year to help students access educational opportunities.

The Growing Active Kids Fund supports education, recreation and cultural programming for kids who live in or around low-income housing in Winnipeg. The goal of this new initiative is to give all young people the same opportunities to participate in activities that increase self-esteem, confidence, physical activity and socialization.
Summer camp provides a powerful opportunity for children and youth to learn new skills, explore the outdoors, increase their independence and make lifelong friends. The Foundation’s Camp and Recreation Program Grants program helps kids who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford this important experience.

The Literacy for Life Fund supports intergenerational literacy programs in libraries and community centres across the province. These programs help kids and parents develop literacy skills, a lifelong love of reading and stronger family bonds.

Grants for communities

In addition to these special initiatives, the Foundation regularly supports projects that benefit youth through our community grants program – from homework clubs for newcomer and refugee kids, to employment training for youth living on the streets and facility upgrades for early learning childcare centres.

If you have a passion for helping kids get a great start in life, consider a gift to one of the above funds. You can make a secure, online gift through our website at, call the Foundation office at 204-944-9474 (toll free 1-877-974-3631), or send a cheque to the Winnipeg Foundation at 1350-One Lombard Place, Winnipeg MB, R3B 0X3.

An investment in kids today is an investment in the future of our community.

Rick Frost is CEO of the Winnipeg Foundation.

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