Start your day with a stretch and a workout

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Ceder Finnie
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Good morning. It’s time to grab that morning beverage, hopefully a nice protein shake with fresh fruit. Wipe the sleep from your eyes and prepare for another great day!

The best way to start your day with the most energy is a morning workout. If you’re not yet up for the journey to the gym or a morning yoga class, that’s ok. You can do an amazing morning workout in the comfort of your very own home. In 10 minutes you will build and strengthen the body and mind.

Start with some good old fashioned stretches. The secret to the perfect stretch is holding it for 30 seconds minimum. Stretching before any type of exercise is incredibly important; this will protect against any future aches and pains.

That said, if something does cause pain please don’t do it! Listen to your body and adjust so it doesn’t hurt. The point of exercising is to make you feel good, not to injure yourself.
Our morning stretch is a head to toe stretch.

First stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, keeping your back straight; drop your head to your chest and hold. Now drop your head to your back and then side to side. Please don’t roll your neck though. That can cause injury. Pull your right arm across your body bracing it with your left, hold and reverse. Bend down as far as you can trying to touch your toes. Last but not least lift one knee and then the other towards your chest pointing your feet down. Now that you’re all stretched out and feeling lively, it’s time to work out!
Squats are a personal favorite of mine, this works out your legs, your core (your abdomen area) and your buttocks (we all dream of the perfect tooshy!).

Stand against a wall, legs shoulder-width apart, arms extended straight in front of you and slide down the wall into a sitting position. Hold for 10 seconds and slide back up the wall, never locking your knees. Repeat five times. If you find this painful to your knees only, slide down (the wall) to a point where there is no pain.

For the next exercise, if you own weights, great; if not that’s ok, too. It’s about form and speed, not the amount of weight you use. So for the time being I’m going to assume you don’t have weights and request you grab a broom. I know you have one of those.

Again, stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, broomstick in both hands with your hands facing upward; arms also shoulder-width apart at your waist. Curl the broom upward toward your chest slowly; you should be able to count to five from the time it leaves your waist and reaches your chest. Do this 15 to 30 times depending on how you feel.

Now bring the broom to your shoulders and lift it above your head, counting to five from shoulders to when it’s raised high in the sky. Please do not lock your elbows; just as with your knees, that can cause injury. Keep your elbows loose and relaxed. Again, do this 15 to 30 times.

Altogether this should take about 10 minutes, so in 10 minutes you are on your way to building a healthier, stronger you!

You can also watch the video on youtube by clicking here Ceder’s 10 Minute Workout.

Ceder Finnie is Western Canada female champion in light-weight mixed martial arts, with two gold medals, one silver and one bronze. She holds four belts in different styles of martial arts and specializes in muay thay and

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