10 lovely ways to show your love on Valentine’s Day

Appreciate your spouse every day with a romantic kiss.
Appreciate your spouse every day with a romantic kiss.

Sure we love our spouses, but after so many years the words seem a little dry and commercial gifts have somehow lost their meaning now at the age of maturity. Flowers and candy are nice, but everybody does that.
Here are some ideas that will put the spark back in your romance, the warmth in your lover’s smile, the heat in their embrace.
• Prepare a picnic in the living room around the fireplace or television, where you’ll put on a romantic old movie and give him/her a foot rub while you watch.
• If you’re the active type, arrange for a river walk (or ice skating) at the Forks, catered by a limousine service so you don’t have to look for parking. Don’t forget the hot chocolate or mulled wine.
• Buy a balloon ride. Deliver the gift Valentine’s morning with mimosas and breakfast in bed.
• Arrange for lessons for two at a pottery, stained glass or art studio.
• Find the Honey-do list and fulfill your promises.
• Draw a hot bath for your love. Put on some music and light some candles. Have fluffy towels and after bath robes ready to slip into. Prepare the bed with freshly ironed sheets.
• Arrange for dance classes.
• Take your love on a spa weekend complete with a couple’s massage.
• Bring home a Kama Sutra kit to both enjoy. Couple that with a weekend for two at a local hotel.
• Make a wonderful meal. Light the candles. Play his/her favourite board or other game.

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