The Legacy Circle – a thank you in advance

Your bequest to the Foundation is a way to make your most lofty dreams for your community begin to come true.

The young Legacy Circle puts future donors in touch with the Foundation and its workings.

Leaving behind a tangible presence continues our life's work.
Leaving behind a tangible presence continues our life’s work.

What will your legacy be?

Of course, none of us like to dwell on our own mortality. But to put a positive spin on this, think about it as an opportunity to continue your life’s work and passions and make a lasting difference for our community.

What are your wishes, your hopes and goals for the coming generations? Do you imagine a future where education is accessible to all, poverty is a thing of the past, and everyone has a safe, affordable place to live?

A will to change

Sure, these dreams are lofty, but that’s what makes them dreams. Your will is a great way to take a step toward making them a reality.

At the Winnipeg Foundation, many of the gifts we’ve received over our 92-year history come in the form of bequests. Often, we find out about an individual’s act of generosity only after he or she has passed away. Of course, we understand that many donors choose to give quietly, but we always wish we had the chance to say thank you during their lifetimes. If we had the opportunity, we would have kept that donor up to date on our activities so that he or she could have taken even greater satisfaction in being part of our work.

That’s why we started our Legacy Circle a few years ago. The Legacy Circle is a group of people who have made a future planned gift to a fund at the Foundation through their wills or estate plans. Members may choose to remain anonymous and the amount of their bequest isn’t disclosed.

Some of these people are planning a gift to an existing fund at the Foundation, including the more than 130 agency endowment funds that support particular local charities. Others are planning to establish a fund in their own name or that of a loved one. These might be community building funds which support the full spectrum of charitable activity in Winnipeg, scholarship funds that support educational opportunities, designated funds to support a favourite organization or organizations, or field of interest funds that focus on a specified area. Still other people are planning to add to a fund they have already established at the Foundation.

Today, there are more than 150 members of our Legacy Circle, joining hundreds of Winnipeggers past who have demonstrated their foresight, generosity and hope for our community through bequest gifts.

If you have already designated a gift to the Foundation in your will, we invite you to join our Legacy Circle. Every year, we thank this group of generous individuals at a special reception and through a variety of other opportunities. You can find more information on our website: (select “programs and projects”, then “Legacy Circle”), or call 204-944-9474. There is also a wealth of information on our website about how to go about leaving a legacy through the Winnipeg Foundation, or your options as a donor. Or you can call our donor services staff who would be happy to assist you.

Gifts always welcome

You can also make a gift of any size at any time by visiting our website, calling our office at the above number (or toll free 1-877-974-3631), or sending a cheque to The Winnipeg Foundation at 1350-One Lombard Place, Winnipeg MB, R3B 0X3.

On behalf of the community organizations that benefit from the generosity of these legacies, past and present, a heartfelt thanks to all those who give – whether today or tomorrow.

Rick Frost is CEO of The Winnipeg Foundation.

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