Post office selects our “living flag” for permanent stamp series

Photo credit:

Millions of Canadians across the country will get to enjoy a photo of Winnipeg’s living flag – formed by the more than 3,000 Winnipeggers who stood shoulder to shoulder in front of the legislative building on Canada Day, adorned in red and white t-shirts and other patriotic attire, signalling their affection for this country, as well as an eagerness to express their pride in their home city.

The photo of this celebratory gathering, organized for the second consecutive year by Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, has been selected by Canada Post to be part of its Canadian Pride series, and will go on sale as a “Permanent” domestic-rate stamp  next Jan. 14.

In posing for the photo, the Winnipeggers created Canada’s largest living flag, its size easily beating out Victoria, Langley (B.C.) and Calgary. The stamp will be one of five  “Permanent” domestic rate stamps that draw attention to the common — and uncommon — places the Canadian flag appears.

The living flag, asserts Stefano Grande, Downtown BIZ executive director, puts Winnipeg’s downtown on the map, “showing to the world how much Winnipeggers care about their city.

“Winnipeggers should be proud of this achievement and celebrate the positive growth and success our city and downtown is experiencing. This stamp is just one of the many indicators that our city is becoming more and more world-class.”

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