Mosquito repellent pill really works

The new pill also has Health Canada approval.

Erin Bosch, founder and CEO of Xerion Dispensary, has an attention-grabbing ambition, though it sounds humble enough. “If I were to die tomorrow,” she happily tells people, “I would want my tombstone to read, ‘She kept the mosquitoes away.’”  The mind-boggling fact is that Erin’s Xerion Dispensary in Calgary has done just that. And now she has the sanction of Health Canada in putting her product – Mozi-Q, the first homeopathic mosquito repellent pill – on the market.  The product has been flying off the shelf for the past three years in its home territory, and is just now being marketed nationally.

With Mozi-Q, outdoor enthusiasts have a product that allows them to enjoy the outdoors without being “bugged”. And they won’t be exposing themselves to poisonous chemicals.

Erin Bosch saw a demand for an all-natural mosquito repellant soon after she opened her clinic, Xerion Homeopathic, in northwest Calgary and put her medicine formulators to work on it. “People are no longer willing to spray themselves with chemicals in order to be comfortable,” Erin says. “They wanted a safe and effective alternative and that is what we have provided.”

Xerion Dispensary, a homeopathic formulation and manufacturing company, produces homeopathic (toxin-free) products, forging new territory in the process. Sister firm, Xerion Homeopathie, Erin’s northwest Calgary clinic, tries, tests and tweaks the formulations, getting immediate consumer feedback from its clients. By the time Xerion Dispensary starts manufacturing a product, the market research has been compiled and the findings have been incorporated into the product.

Safe and fast-working
Features of Mozi-Q include:
– It works within 30 minutes
– There are no side effects or known negatives
– It works on bugs other than mosquitoes

The manufacturing firm’s focus is on fast-acting formulations for unique symptoms and ailments that solve a specific problem for the consumer. Most of the products aren’t new, but at Xerion are being manufactured for the masses, and are being brought to market in a fun and fresh approach that is garnering mass interest.

Xerion’s owner is also president and CEO of the Western College of Homeopathetic Medicine, with the effect that her firm has a close working relationship with some of the top minds in the field of homeopathy, and can make this relationship felt in the production processes and in relations with the public.

Here is a link to stores selling Mozi-Q:

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