Open Book: Plan ahead for your next life

52 ways to wreck your retirement and how to rescue it, by Tina Di Vita. Publisher: John Wiley and sons, 2011. $24.95.

Review by Barbara Bowes

Many people think they’ve planned for retirement but in actual fact because they don’t understand exactly what’s involved, they don’t  plan effectively.  This leaves individuals at great risk especially in the case of death and/or late-age divorce.  This book is an excellent, simple to read Canadian-based resource on managing the financial aspects of retirement. Written in plain English, the book is well laid out with specific and very matter–of-fact identification of mistakes people frequently make followed by specific steps on how to rescue each element.

The author discusses a full range of issues ranging from failing to understand your investment risk to your creating unnecessary personal anxiety by watching investments too closely. On the other hand, he points out the challenges of not staying current with financial investments and not understanding banking and investment statements.

Finally, the author also ensures that readers see the link between financial security and emotional security. One of the great benefits of the book is that each issue is accompanied by strong, simple examples that are very clear and easy to understand.
Overall, the book is comprehensive and a good buy for any reader, especially those who are novices in financial management.

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