Time to sink Pink

Creative plantings of palms and croton on Portage.

It must be almost 10 years ago, that Manitoba Gardener representatives helped judge a Winnipeg in Bloom Biz district contest. At the time, the Biz districts all made their own and varied decisions about what colour scheme to plant. Many were creative and charming and you could see the personality of each district as you travelled through the streets of Winnipeg.

Since then, however, someone must have labeled Winnipeg as a pink-o town and everyone has turned to pink as if there were no alternative colours available. Now each district still shows its own “colours” by planting different shades of pink (and some cleverly push the envelope as far as magenta) and they add varying shades of green, with lovely trailers of lime sweet potato vine or dark green ivy or silvery Dichondra. Some even dare add a dash of white.

But hold on, folks. Winnipeg’s colours are blue and yellow. Why not try some of that? And what about the vibrant oranges and purple blacks and pinstriped petunias that are now available? Why can’t some districts be red and black or orange and green or red white and blue, if they like?

Let’s let every Biz district do its own thing and celebrate summer in the city through the glory of their floral displays in the ways that suit them and their neighbourhoods the best.
It’s time to sink pink!

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