Angels offering home health care

A good caregiver invests emotional strength in her work.

By Tanya Comeault

Angels are the ones who walk among us lending a helping hand in times of need, and the home health care workers with the co-op,  A Pyramid of Angels, are dedicated to that very mission.

A  Pyramid of Angels offers:
• home health care covering personal, convalescent and respite care along with 24-hour registered nurse supervision;
• nursing and specialty care consisting of professional nursing services,  Alzheimer’s care, palliative care and foot care services;
• and  home support services including companionship, housekeeping, meal preparation and medication reminders.

Heather Ostop, who played a lead role in founding A Pyramid of Angels, has trained in palliative care and worked in the health care industry for over 30 years.  The goal of Heather and her fellow workers in founding the co-op was to provide quality service, where people’s loved ones would be cared for in the way that they themselves would care for them.  “We believe that to provide home health care with respect, dignity and comfort, one has to be willing to invest emotional and physical strengths,” Heather says.

In order to do that Pyramid of Angels provides its members with a workplace with better wages, benefits and a  place that offers respect and dignity to its workers. Workers with Pyramid of Angels are licensed, certified or trained as RNs, licensed practical nurses, home care aides, etc. All are bondable, and have client dignity and respect as a core value.

Members believe that a business owned by its workers can be totally commited to the highest standards, and every worker is motivated to satisfy their clients and provide them with quality care.  A Pyramid of Angels can be reached in Winnipeg at 697-8575 or 791-3539; or visit

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